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Our Premium Beef

We have always held our ethics of animal welfare, minimal waste through nose-to-tail consumption and environmental regeneration, at the heart of all that we do. In our premium beef range, we only process our own home-grown Senebrah cattle, bred specifically for their high carcass quality in both taste and texture, and we have a minimum purchase quantity of a quarter carcass. Committing to these decisions ensures we have the time and capacity to be genuine stewards of our property Old Cameron Downs. We believe it is our obligation to be part of the solution to world social and environmental issues, to be a role-model in our field, and provide more education around the pivotal role livestock farming plays in that space.

100% Grass-fed and Finished

100% On-Farm Vertical integration and true traceability from our paddock to your plate

No added growth hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines

100% Northern Territory beef from a Family Business

Our Catering Products

As a continuation of our ethics around animal welfare, minimal waste through nose-to-tail consumption and environmental regeneration, we have created a range of products available for bulk purchase. Our 100% NT range only processes sustainably sourced beef and buffalo, from the Northern Territory which have travelled a minimum distance to our facility.

Buffalos are an endemic pest throughout much of the north of the Northern Territory, in particular Indigenous owned land, as they are perfectly suited to our dry tropical environment. We pride ourselves on our ethical handling of animals and will only work with suppliers who maintain the same values, and work to create a supply chain that has long term benefits to the traditional owners, and the environment. This is a partnership that will benefit all parties, the traditional custodians of the land will see regenerative effects from de-stocking the floodplains, and we are able to produce a 100% Territory product to supply to Territory businesses.

Our Story


We produce cattle differently on Old Cameron Downs, around 100 kilometers south of Darwin. Eating locally and taking the opportunity to personally know your farmer can be beneficial to both the environment and your health, and when buying directly from the farmers, your dollars stay in the community.

An Unshakable Commitment


We own the entire process from paddock to plate which enables us to have complete knowledge of each animals’ life and maintain the highest levels of welfare. We ensure that the entire carcass is used and actively promote the health benefits of consuming the lesser known cuts.


Sweet and Sticky Ox-Tail StewBy fionaOx tail is one of the tastiest cuts of meat on a carcass. The connective tissue between each of the knuckles breaks down when slow cooked, to form a gelatinous coating on the ends of each of the bones - which we strongly recommend to be picked up and eaten with your hands! Rich, sweet, sticky and hugely nutritious this will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

Our recipes showcase the naturally delicious taste of our beef, with minimal fuss for busy families. We choose to highlight the lesser known cuts and demonstrate how cost effective meals can be made with extreme nutritional value leaving you feeling satiated and full of energy.

Our beef is from free-range pasture raised and finished cattle that are fully grown and lead a content life. They are a large muscle animal and therefore the quality will shine when cooked using low and slow techniques, and always resting steaks prior to eating.