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100% NT Beef and Buffalo

Paddock to Plate Quality


We sustainably source cattle and buffalo that are only 100% grass-fed in the Northern Territory. Access to a natural diet with a large diversity of plant species minimises the need for human intervention in any way. Grass-fed red meat has a high nutrient density, the correct ratio of Omega 3:6 fatty acids and is a source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), all of which are necessary for healthy human brain function.

Our unique recipes for our handmade burgers represent our strong connection to the Northern Territory landscape. We process our beef and buffalo in our on-farm abattoir to order, ensuring it has the lowest food miles possible, and that you receive the freshest product every time. Our mince and whole cuts contain no additives or preservatives, and are cryovaced fresh to the highest standard.

100% Grass-fed

100% On-Farm Vertical integration and true traceability

100% Sustainably sourced Northern Territory cattle and buffalo

100% Northern Territory product from a Family Business