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Our recipes showcase the naturally delicious taste of our beef, with minimal fuss for busy families. We choose to highlight the lesser known cuts and demonstrate how cost effective meals can be made with extreme nutritional value leaving you feeling satiated and full of energy.

Our beef is from free-range pasture raised and finished cattle that are fully grown and lead a content life. They are a large muscle animal and therefore the quality will shine when cooked using low and slow techniques, and always resting steaks prior to eating.

Sweet and Sticky Ox-Tail StewBy fionaOx tail is one of the tastiest cuts of meat on a carcass. The connective tissue between each of the knuckles breaks down when slow cooked, to form a gelatinous coating on the ends of each of the bones - which we strongly recommend to be picked up and eaten with your hands! Rich, sweet, sticky and hugely nutritious this will leave you feeling completely satisfied.
Carnivore Beef RibsBy adminWith the carnivore diet growing in popularity and easy meals a must for all busy people, these slow cooked ribs tick a lot of boxes. Full of flavour and nutrition from both the rib cartilage and bone both, just ensure they are left to cook until the meat falls away from the bone without a knife.