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Carnivore/Offal Mince – What is it and why should I try it?

by | Nov 28, 2023

Have you wanted to incorporate offal into your diet but don’t know where to start? Maybe it’s the texture or the taste that you find off-putting, maybe you love it, but your kids refuse to eat it! However you feel about offal, the benefits of adding these superfoods into your diet, certainly outweigh any reservations you might have about it. Organ meats offer a great source of nutrition including important vitamins, minerals, good fats, enzymes and essential amino acids.  They offer a vital part of the human diet that has largely been forgotten with our modern-day diet of processed and convenience foods.

We have noticed a resurgence in popularity with offal recently, it would seem our amazing customer base have the same nose-to-tail ethics as we do and are taking a more holistic approach to their diets. We are often asked if we can make mince with specific mince/offal/fat ratios, and our answer is always ‘yes we can!’ You may be surprised how nicely the muscle meat blends with organ and fat, the consistency is much the same as regular mince, and once it’s cooking in some delicious grass-fed tallow, butter or ghee, it’s almost undetectable.


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