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100% On-Farm Vertical Integration

by | Mar 21, 2024

100% on-farm vertical integration and true traceability from our paddock to your plate….what does that mean, exactly? In agriculture, vertical integration often involves ownership of both farm production and processing activities. This icon symbolises our absolute ownership of our product literally from our paddock to your plate.

All of our Spring Paddock Beef animals are born and raised here at Old Cameron Downs and are processed here in our on-farm abattoir. No trucking. No changing hands. We guarantee our customers full traceability because we have known these animals from birth, no unnecessary miles are put on your product as the only time these animals leave the farm is when we are delivering your meat to your door… many other butcher shops can offer you that?

We use the Australian National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) tagging system to record our cattle at birth and throughout their life. Data collected along the way includes calving dates, weight gains and health condition. All of this information together helps to identify the best genetics in animals, and therefore which to keep to produce further calves from. When genetics are adapted over time to best suit the conditions they are living in, we negate the need for chemical interventions and animals are more able to do well in our particular environment, the dry tropics.